• Creating an Institutional<br>Course Resource List Repository

    Creating an Institutional
    Course Resource List Repository

    Increasing Instructor and Student Engagement via
    Resource List Solutions - a VALA Conference Paper

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Used for teaching a course, a resource list represents a persistent yet dynamic corpus of materials
focused on a particular topic. Today, creating, maintaining, and monitoring resource lists, providing
materials for them, and accessing their contents often require multiple, tedious workflows and prevent
the lists from realizing their potential. Resource list solutions facilitate list creation through cross-system
workflows involving the library, increase academics’ and students’ engagement, and maximize the lists’
contribution to teaching and learning.

Download this paper to learn:

  • How to improve education affordability by optimizing the use of library-owned and subscribed resources
  • How to enhance student success and foster meaningful learning by enhancing course effectiveness
  • How to save time for instructors and librarians through streamlined workflows for creating, maintaining, and enriching resource lists

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